Marcus Aurelius császár (Kr. u. 161–180) portréja

Production place

The larger than life bronze head is a masterpiece of Roman portraiture. It was found in Dunaszekcső in Hungary, where the barracks of a Roman auxiliary camp were identified. The statue was recovered from a modest brick structure that may have been the sanctuary of the camp. It was cast in one of the best, central foundries of the empire, then transported to Pannonia to let the soldiers in this faraway garrison know: the emperor was with them.

The back of the head is roughed out – it was probably placed in a niche. The statue shows the emperor around the age of forty. It belongs to his third and most frequent portrait type.

The exhibited copy of the bronze portrait head held in the Collection of Archaeology of the Janus Pannonius Museum in Pécs (inv. JPM R. 75.1.1), was made in 2021 with 3D printing technology and bronze-like painting on its surface.