Marble analysis, 6259

Attic funerary monument with three figures

White marble
Marble origin: Pentelikon (Greece)


Mineralogy: calcite
Texture: heteroblastic
Maximum grain size (MGS): 0.58 mm
δ18OV-PDB: -3.86 ‰
δ13CV-PDB: 2.61 ‰
Cathodoluminescence color: yellow to light brown and dark brown
Cathodoluminescence intensity: weak to strong depending of the place 
Cathodoluminescence distribution: heterogeneous

The stable isotope data, the MGS, the texture and the cathodomicrofacies support Afyon or Pentelikon as the origin of this marble. The poor quality of the sample does not allow the discrimination between the two sources. However, the discovery of the artefact in Attica argues in favor of a pentelic provenance.

D. Decrouez & K. Ramseyer (1997, 2017)