Marble analysis, 71.14.A

Gravestone from Asia Minor

White marble
Marble origin: Afyon or Altintas (Turkey)?


Mineralogy: calcite
Texture: heteroblastic
Maximum grain size (MGS) : 0.82 mm
δ18OV-PDB: -7.02 ‰
δ13CV-PDB: 2.98 ‰
Cathodoluminescence color: brown-orange and dark brown
Cathodoluminescence intensity: strong
Cathodoluminescence distribution: heterogeneous

Stable isotope data fall in a zone where different source areas (i.e. Naxos, Pentelikon, Middle Anatolian areas: Afyon, Altintas, Denizli, Hierapolis, Menderes massif: Ephesos) overlap and the data are inconclusive. However, the MGS, the texture and the cathodoluminescence pattern support Afyon as the origin of this marble. Altintas is not excluded as a source provenance. Our database lacks cathodmicrofacies of the Altintas marbles. As Afyon and Altintas quarries are located very close to each other in the same geological unit, it is reasonable to expect similarities between the marbles of these areas.

D. Decrouez & K. Ramseyer (2001, 2017)