Marble analysis, 63.6.A

Fragment of a sarcophagus: banquet

White marble
Marble origin: Marmara (Turkey) or Paros (Paros-Choriodaki) (Greece) ?

Mineralogy: calcite
Texture: heteroblastic 
Maximum grain size (MGS): 1.98 mm
δ18OV-PDB: -1.72 ‰
δ13CV-PDB: 2.91 ‰
Cathodoluminescence color: blue-purple
Cathodoluminescence intensity: weak 
Cathodoluminescence distribution: homogeneous

Stable isotope data fall in a zone where different source areas (i.e. Paros, Thasos, Marmara, Carrara, Hymettus) overlap and the data are inconclusive. However, the blue-purple color of luminescence support Marmara or Paros as the origin of this marble.

D. Decrouez & K. Ramseyer (1998, 2017)