Marble analysis, 8414

Female head on a post-antique bust

White marble
Marble origin: Paros (Paros-Choriodaki) (Greece)?


Mineralogy: calcite
Texture: heteroblastic?
Maximum grain size (MGS): 2.05 mm
δ18OV-PDB: -3.15 ‰
δ13CV-PDB: 2.25 ‰
Cathodoluminescence color: purple 
Cathodoluminescence intensity: weak 
Cathodoluminescence distribution: homogeneous

Stable isotope data fall in a zone where different source areas (i.e. Paros, Marmara, Carrara, Hymettus, Aphrodisias, Afyon, Naxos, Göktepe) overlap and the data are inconclusive. The pattern of the cathodomicrofacies is similar to that of the Paros-Choriodaki marble. As we have only two isolated grains, we have some reservation about a Parian origin. However, the other possible origins, with the exception of Marmara, can be discarded.

D. Decrouez & K. Ramseyer (1998, 2017)