Marble analysis, 4795

Female musician with a lyre and singing man

White marble
Marble origin: unknown


Mineralogy: calcite
Texture: heteroblastic
Maximum grain size (MGS): 1.63 mm
δ18OV-PDB: -7.03 ‰  -5.06 ‰  -5.54 ‰
δ13CV-PDB: 4.32 ‰  5.21 ‰  5.07 ‰
Cathodoluminescence color: blue and light pink
Cathodoluminescence intensity: intermediate to weak
Cathodoluminescence distribution: heterogeneous

The isotopic signature is situated in the Ephesos marble field. The lack of reference material from this place in our cathodomicrofacies data bank does not allow to infer an ephesian origin.

D. Decrouez & K. Ramseyer (1997, 2005, 2016)